Expanding access
to healthcare

Discovery Health is committed to making people healthier, and enhancing and protecting their lives. This includes creating new ways to access private healthcare, beyond the traditional medical scheme or insurance products. Discovery Prepaid Health was created for this purpose – to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible.

Insights into the pay-as-you-go use of healthcare

Recent research conducted by Discovery Health revealed important insights about individuals and families that do not insure their access to primary healthcare.



50% of South Africans access private healthcare on a pay-as-you-go basis



Access to medicine and a GP or qualified nurse are a key priority when ill




The current average cost of a GP consultation paid in cash is R442, excluding medicine



Cash consultations are often funded by a family member or employer

Introducing Discovery Prepaid Health – making quality healthcare affordable and accessible

Discovery Health has used its healthcare funding expertise and digital capabilities to create Discovery Prepaid Health, a unique product that provides access to primary healthcare on a pre-paid basis at rates that are below the current pay-as-you-go rates.

Discovery Prepaid Health is a simple and intuitive digital vouchering solution for purchasing and sharing a variety of accessible healthcare services at a significantly discounted rate supported by a wide distribution network and a free-to-use digital platform.
Available 1 December 2020

Discovery Prepaid Healthcare Services

Four relevant healthcare options always including medicine, available at leading pharmacies and GP practices nationwide

Straightforward, familiar process for using Discovery Prepaid Health

Discovery has made use of the latest digital technology in the development of Prepaid Health, to simplify access and minimise associated mobile data cost.

Register for Discovery Prepaid Health

  • Simple online registration process for non-Discovery clients.
  • No registration required for Discovery clients

Top-up your Discovery Prepaid Health Balance

  • Top-up using prepaid vouchers, available from leading retailers and Discovery Bank, or use Discovery Miles in the Active Rewards Mall

Select a healthcare service

Four relevant healthcare options always including medicine, available at leading pharmacies and GP practices nationwide:

  • Medicine

  • Nurse consult + Meds

  • Virtual consult + Meds

  • GP Consult + Meds

Buy or share healthcare with Discovery Prepaid Health

  • Simple, digital payment process at pharmacies or GP practices
  • Send prepaid healthcare to someone else by purchasing a voucher or service