Enhanced Employee Intelligence dashboard for employers

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are required to manage an unprecedented operating environment. Discovery Health Medical Scheme has enhanced the Employee Intelligence dashboard to include rich, relevant and real-time COVID-19 prevalence data. Having access to real-time data supports employers in managing the impact of the pandemic on their employees and their business.

Enhancements to the Employee Intelligence dashboard

Daily monitoring of COVID-19 exposure, prevalence and disease progression


01| Detailed insights to support business strategy

The dashboard displays detailed daily COVID-19 prevalence data among employees including:

The availability of this data enables the employer to assess the level of COVID-19 exposure within their business and respond through appropriate risk mitigation and management solutions to protect employees.

02| Detailed reporting to assist on regulatory reporting requirements

Identification and protection of high-risk employees


03| Risk mitigation strategies to protect employees

The dashboard provides an in-depth breakdown of all employees who are:

  • At higher risk of contracting COVID-19
  • At higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms should they contract COVID-19, including a breakdown for conditions associated with severe manifestations of COVID-19 across the employee base

These insights enable employers to consider appropriate COVID-19 measures within the workplace to support employees who are at higher risk.

04| Tailored communication to protect high-risk members

Discovery Health is able to communicate with high-risk employees, on behalf of the employer, outlining the key measures that should be taken to prevent COVID-19 exposure. The employee is further prompted to engage with the employer on precautionary measures that can be implemented in the workplace to prevent exposure. This approach ensures complete health data confidentiality for the employee. As further support, the dashboard offers employers pre-drafted communication to inform their management teams of this process.

Additional employer and employee support


01| Risk mitigation strategies to protect employees

The dashboard offers employers strategies to implement across their employee base, giving employers the tools to protect their employees and their business.

02| Access and utilisation of DHMS benefits to support employees

The dashboard also provides useful information on the utilisation of available Discovery Health Medical Scheme benefits, including the World Health Organisation Outbreak Benefit, available to all Discovery Health Medical Scheme employees exposed to the virus. The dashboard allows the employer to understand and encourage key benefits offered by Discovery Health Medical Scheme, such as the Pulse Oximeter benefit – exclusive to Discovery Health Medical Scheme high-risk members and proven to be highly impactful in improving health outcomes for high-risk individuals.

An end-to-end business support solution for employers

Discovery has developed a comprehensive set of COVID-19 support services through Discovery COVID-19 Business Support. These services assist employers and their management teams in formulating and executing an effective response to COVID-19 as employees return to work. COVID-19 Business Support is underpinned by the Employee Intelligence dashboard and provides employers with an end-to-end solution in facilitating business continuity and employee safety during these uncertain times.

Email: CovidBusinessOnboarding@discovery.co.za to find out more